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Café Baltic Bar
c/o Annette Hans
Wendenstr. 331
D - 20537 Hamburg


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Design, Code: Marc Wright Kommunikationsdesign, Hamburg 2011

First of all „Café Baltic Bar“ is a showcase in the S-Bahnhof Altona (Hamburg, Germany) which is used as exhibition space. But in the end this name is a label, a fictitious place and a place for yearning, the Zanzibar in „Sansibar oder der letzte Grund“ [flight to afar] by Alfred Andersch. This doesn’t actually have anything to do with the Baltic Sea although it is precisely this Baltic Sea the statue does cross and, in general, the sea has always been good for yearning.
Therefore, this website will not only cover the exhibitions in the showcase in Altona which are limited to a period of 5 months. This will be a growing archive of other projects and materials. At the moment Café Baltic Bar has moved to M.1 in Hohenlockstedt.

On platform 1 /2 in the S-Bahnhof Altona, which is frequented by high-numbers of people and rented out by the major German company Ströer, there is a all-side paned showcase, actually conceived as a highly visible marketing tool imparting easy to grasp contents to people. But, putting this aside for now, this showcase has a lot of similarity to museum showcases – although maybe less in the realm of so called fine arts then ethnology and natural history -, which is striking in the first place. This showcase is a specifically beautiful example, which meets my fascination for these displays and those strange half-public spaces each city develops everywhere. People that don’t have a ticket for public transport, for example, need to get an ominous platform ticket. And, no matter what is put in there: It is not protected against anything but rather imprisoned. And I actually consider this a good situation to confront art with.

For this showcase “Café Baltic Bar” invites 5 artists to each present a solo exhibition – and to expose her- or himself to the commercials, the trains that approach and depart and obviously to the people. Whereas in a museum, a Kunstverein or a gallery people are usually exposed to the art, with this showcase it is exactly the other way around. Something else I find interesting in this context is the fact that most people will be there Monday to Friday everyday and will probably wait approx. 5 minutes for their train. And this can be a pretty long time for viewing, when adding up the minutes. And, in comparison to average viewing duration, even 5 minutes could be pretty long.

The showcase is supported by

From May till August 2014 Café Baltic Bar at M.1 is supported by

Ministerium für Justiz Kultur und Europa des Landes Schleswig-Holstein